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Predicting what the user is gonna do next

Understanding user preferences is key in the upcoming autonomous driving era and beyond. Knowing the users' preferences in-depth is crucial for the safe, reliable and comfortable operation of autonomous vehicles.

Our platform contains a set of plug-ins specialised on tracking and detecting user preferences.

For instance we can automatically detect the user's home and work position in just 3 days of usage* and can use these geographic positions for predicting the movement habits and patterns in the users' daily life.

Some good examples of such patterns are the morning departure times, morning commute times or the favourite commute routes.

The system is able to detect the users' favourite gas station / supermarket brands, favourite roads and shortcuts. This information is very important when trying to route the user to a refuelling point or shop.

All the processing is done while respecting the users' privacy by employing the today's smartphones' massive processing power.

* the detection is accurate for users with a stable home and work geographic location.